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Designing Dreams: An Official Deja the Dynamo Adventure (Hardcover)

Designing Dreams: An Official Deja the Dynamo Adventure (Hardcover)

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In the blink of an eye, Deja and her friends were standing inside a giant snow cone. But before they could taste the ice-cold treat, the walls began to melt! 

In her inaugural adventure, Deja and her friends discover the world of design thinking at Summer Science Camp. With the help of a whimsical dream machine and guidance from Deja's mom, a professional architect, the friends work together to create the building of their dreams. 

Designing Dreams is an energizing story of exploration, teamwork and persistence. It inspires young readers to allow their creativity to soar as they learn about architecture, science and beyond. It encourages children from all backgrounds to exercise design thinking and to believe in their own ability to make their dreams come true.

Designing Dreams is now available!

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